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Dear Dance Families,

We had an unusual amount of snow/weather days (act of God) this winter season! Since it was such an unusal amount, we are offering make up days. The schedule is as follows:

Friday, March 22


Contemporary; Monday; 4:30; Miss Kelsey

Tap n Turn; Monday; 4:30; Miss Lisa

Jazz; Monday; 4:30; Miss Sami

Ballet; Monday; 4:30; Leah

Ballet; Monday; 4:30; Emily


Ballet; Monday; 5:30-7 Miss Kelsey/Monday; 5:30-7; Miss Emily;/ Wednesday; 5:30-7; Miss Kelsey

We Wiggle and Giggle; Monday; 5:30; Miss Lisa;/Thursday; 6:30; Miss Lisa

Hip Hop; Monday; 5:30; Miss Sami;/Hip Hop; Tuesday; 6:30; Miss Sami

Jazz; Monday; 5:30; Miss Tosha

Tap; Tuesday; 4:30; Miss Leah


Hip Hop; Tuesday; 4:30; Miss Tosha

Tap n Turn; Wednesday; 5:30; Miss Lisa;/Tap n Turn; Tuesday; 5:30; Miss Lisa

Musical Theatre; Monday; 6:30; Miss Sami;/Musical Theatre; Wednesday; 5:30; Miss Sami

Pointe; 7-8; Monday; Miss Emily;/Pointe; 7-8; Wednesday; Miss Kelsey

Ballet/Acrobatic; Tuesday; 5:30; Miss Leah


Acrobatic; Monday; 7-8; Miss Kelsey;/Acrobatic; Monday; 8-9; Miss Kelsey

Tap/Jazz; Tuesday; 4:30; Miss Lisa Jazz;/Wednesday; 4:30; Miss Sami

Friday, April 5


Hip Hop; Tuesday; 4:30; Miss Sami

Tutus & Top Hats; Wednesday; 4:30; Miss Lisa

Hip Hop; Thursday; 4:30; Miss Tosha

Acrobatic; Tuesday; 6:30; Miss Leah

Ballet; Tuesday; 5:30; Miss Emily


Contemporary; Thursday; 5:30; Miss Emily;/Contemporary; Tuesday; 6:30; Miss Emily

All That and Jazz; Monday; 6:15; Miss Lisa;/Thursday; 5:30; Miss Lisa

Musical Theatre; Tuesday; 5:30; Miss Casey

Tap; Thursday; 5:30; Miss Kelsie

Acrobatic; Thursday; 5:30; Miss Sami


Ballet; Thursday; 6:30; Miss Emily

Ballet/Jazz; Thursday; 4:30; Miss Lisa

Jazz; Tuesday; 6:30; Miss Lisa

Musical Theatre; Thursday; 6:30; Miss Sami;/Musical Theatre; Tuesday; 5:30; Miss Sami


Tap; Tuesday; 7:30; Miss Leah and Miss Sami

Tutus & Top Hats; Tuesday; 6:30; Miss Lisa

Tap; Tuesday; 7:30; Miss Kelsie

Hip Hop; Wednesday; 6:30; Miss Sami

Musical Theatre; Tuesday; 7:30; Miss Casey

Hard copies of this schedule will be available at the desk as well.