All that and Jazz

Students who are five years old by September 1st or any 6 year olds in kindergarten are eligible to take this class. "All that and Jazz" is a one hour class once a week designed for the five year old (or the 6 year old if still in kindergarten). The class is divided into quarters. 15 minutes will be devoted to each of these styles of dance: Tap dance in tap shoes with terminology, Ballet in ballet shoes with terminology, Jazz in ballet shoes with terminology and Acrobatic tricks in ballet shoes, on mats with terminology. The class will begin with Tap dancing. The student will bring his/her ballet shoes into class and change shoes after approximately 15 minutes. The remainder of class will be danced in ballet shoes. In "All that and Jazz" the student will learn: discipline, self-confidence, the value of hard work, the reward of accomplishment, the art of performing, Tap steps and rhythm, Ballet steps and grace, Acrobatic tricks and control, an introduction to Jazz dance, fun in learning and much more! Class attire: Girls - pink Ballet shoes, black Tap shoes, tights, leotard, optional skirt or shorts in any color and any style, hair pulled back off face and neck. Boys - black Ballet shoes, black Tap shoes, athletic pants or shorts and tee shirt in any color and style