In ballet class students will develop flexibility and strength. They will learn self-awareness through proper placement of the body using the Russian Vaganova method of training. Ballet is a type of performance dance that originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century, and which was further developed in France and Russia as a concert dance form. It is primarily performed with the accompaniment of classical music and has been influential as a form of dance globally. Ballet dance works (ballets) are choreographed and performed by trained artists, include mime and acting, and are set to music (usually orchestral but occasionally vocal). It is a poised style of dance that incorporates the foundational techniques for many other dance forms. This genre of dance is very hard to master and requires much practice. It is best known for it's focus on pointe work, fluidity, grace, precise movement and often presenting the dancers in the conventional short white French tutus while working with a partner doing lifts and turns.