Tutus and Top Hats

This class is designed for students who will be three years old by September 1st. "Tutus and Top Hats" is a 45 minute class that meets once a week and is designed for the three year old. The class format will move with the attention span of the 3 year old and will change throughout the year as listening skills are attained. Listening to instruction is fundamental to the learning process. If we can teach a child to listen, we can teach that child anything! On the flip side, it doesn't matter how intelligent, smart, creative, cute, etc. a child is, if he/she cannot take direction, the learning process is hindered. Dance class is an excellent, fun place to hone good listening skills. We use a sticker reward system in class. At the end of each class, a sticker is put on the right hand of the student who has been a good listener. Our goal is that every student receives a sticker at the end of every class. The skills that are taught in this class are: Tap and Ballet steps with terminology and Acrobatic tricks with terminology. Creative movement will be incorporated into the regular curriculum as well. As the name of the class suggests, we will give the students the opportunity to wear tutus in class and the three year old costume at the end of the year will consist of a short or long tutu. Class attire: Pink ballet shoes, leotard and tights of any color, skirt optional, hair pulled back off the face and neck.